I'm Jordan and I love storytelling. I even got my ear clipped during a haircut as a child because I was too vivaciously inventing fiction. I'm obsessed with the quirky personalities that inhabit this world-- both fictional and real, and I want to capture them, make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel alive. I picked un a Hi-8 camera in 1st grade, and never looked back, making a feature-length film in high school.

My first job was making internet ads for start-up heels.com. Since 2014, I've worked as a writer/director/producer for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, YouTubers FaZe Clan and Clout Gang, a talk show called Me Time With Frangela, and Beano Studios. I'm a semi-finalist in BlueCat Screenwriting competitions, as well as a two-time quarter-finalist in Screencraft and Second Rounder at Austin Film Festival. My films have been featured in eight  different festivals.


At BuzzFeed, I wrote, directed, shot, produced, and edited around 200 videos and achieved over 500 million video views. I've also made videos for Ford Mobility, Gray Television, Aetna Insurance, Abbot Health, LuluLemon, TransLoc, BEANO Studios, USA Network, NBC, WWE, and FaZe Clan.

Currently, I work as a senior creative producer for Madison Wells, a major film/tv/theater company, servicing both in-house and outside clients for entertainment-related creative needs. I also make viral commercials for businesses and start-ups-- comedy, narrative, and documentary.

I'm a graduate of Second City Hollywood's improv program, an alum of UNC and Duke through the Robertson Leadership Scholarship with a Major in Media Production, a Minor in Screenwriting, and Certificates in Documentary Studies and Business.


Staring out into

space is my

favorite pastime