I'm Jordan and I love storytelling.. I even got my ear clipped during a haircut as a child because I was too vivaciously inventing fiction. I'm obsessed with the quirky personalities that inhabit this world-- both fictional and real, and I want to capture them. I picked un a Hi-8 camera in 4th grade, and never stopped.

Over the last 5 years, I've worked as a writer/director/producer for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, YouTubers FaZe Clan and Clout Gang, a talk show called Me Time With Frangela, and most recently, Beano Studios. I'm a semi-finalist screenwriter in two major competitions (Blue Cat, Austin Film Festival), as well as a quarter-finalist in one (Screencraft). At BuzzFeed, I wrote, directed, shot, produced, and edited around 200 videos. I’ve made a myriad of different kinds of content-- from dramatic and comedic scripted series to unscripted transformation videos to absurdist game shows.  Across platforms, I've achieved 588,938,847 video views and counting.

After making 3 30-minute episodes of a superhero comedy series in high school, I studied at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University through the Robertson Leaders Scholarship, majoring in Media Production, minoring in Screenwriting, and achieving certificates in Documentary Studies and Business Essentials. I made short films about alpacas becoming human, a search for the fountain of youth, a family of men all named “Smick Bumley”, and a documentary about what it means to be normal. I spent a summer in Madrid interning in casting. I also interned in development at Cross Creek Pictures, Material Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, and Thunder Road Pictures, and in the writers’ room on the shows Ground Floor and The First Family. My first full-time job was assisting producer Michael Shamberg through the production of the film Freeheld. 

Though my first love is creating content, appearing in it is something I enjoy as well. I’ve acted in most of my independent projects, and since moving out here, I’ve graduated Second City’s core 1.5 year improv/sketch program, performing in a variety of different live shows. At BuzzFeed, I’ve appeared in at least 100 videos, so I’m quite used to being on camera, and culling my thoughts into digestible, yet interesting bites.


Staring out into

space is my

favorite pastime