I'm Jordan and I love storytelling. I even got my ear clipped during a haircut as a child because I was too vivaciously inventing fiction. I'm obsessed with the quirky personalities that inhabit this world-- both fictional and real, and I want to capture them. I picked un a Hi-8 camera in 1st grade, and never looked back, making a feature-length film in high school.

As a high schooler, I had a job making internet ads for start-up heels.com. Since 2014, I've worked as a writer/director/producer for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, YouTubers FaZe Clan and Clout Gang, a talk show called Me Time With Frangela, and Beano Studios. I'm a semi-finalist screenwriter in two major competitions (Blue Cat, Austin Film Festival), as well as a quarter-finalist in one (Screencraft). At BuzzFeed, I wrote, directed, shot, produced, and edited around 200 videos and achieved over 500 million video views.

Currently, I work as a senior creative producer for Madison Wells, a major film/tv/theater company, servicing both in-house and outside clients for entertainment-related creative needs. I also make viral commercials for businesses and start-ups-- comedy, narrative, and documentary.

I'm a graduate of Second City Hollywood's improv program, an alum of UNC and Duke through the Robertson Leadership Scholarship with a Major in Media Production, a Minor in Screenwriting, and Certificates in Documentary Studies and Business.

Staring out into

space is my

favorite pastime